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CR-10S homing position

Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:44 am

Good afternoon (o;

This might be out of topic as it has nothing to do with Simplify3d, but I just don't wanted to subscribe to another forum ;-)

Currently I use the Ender-3 printer with a FIlaPrint base which I am very happy with it...
and as the license model allows to be used on two computers I have a CR-10S lying around which needs first some modifications first...

But so far I have discovered that when the CR_10S does auto homing the nozzle is in the front left corner inside the printing bed...
whereas the Ender-3 home position is just a little outside the bed so it won't hit the printing table.

Do others with a CR-10(S) have the same problem?

This way it is almost impossible to align the printing bed...

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