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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:02 pm

what is today may not be tomorrow. I use it but prefer S3D

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:23 pm

B-H-S wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:02 pm
what is today may not be tomorrow.
This also could count for S3D...

I purchased S3D in 2015, because there was no "nice" and "beginner friendly" open source slicer. But this changed ;)

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:49 pm

Totally Agree

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:10 pm

I don't think there is anything wrong with a paid upgrade. First of all, it is kind of unrealistic to expect infinite work for a finite fee.

Secondly, you are really just complaining about their choice of name. Maybe calling it 5.0 makes you feel like you should get it for free, but they could just as easily call it "NewSlicer" and position it as a completely separate product, and it would amount to the same thing.

I have done a lot of SW licenses in my life (both as licensee and licensor), and some limitation on updates always exists. Nobody is going to sign up to give you all of the work they do for the rest of their life for free. There is always some limitation on the features, etc. that are considered within the scope of "updates", and the licensor always has the ability to create new products that aren't within that scope.

You might be thinking "but it is called Simplify5.0 and I bought 4.0, how is that not an update?" Well, I have never seen a contract that used naming as the basis for the definition of update. I can't say none exist, but if they do that is a stupid and meaningless definition. Any lawyer with a brain would reject it as the basis of defining an "update."

If this is a major upgrade, then I don't see anything inconsistent with S3D having promised "updates for life" and now charging a fee for 5.0. This simply means it isn't in scope for an update to the previous product. There is always a limit to what is considered an "update." Now if it turns out to be a handful of bugfixes, then you might have reason to complain. But since none of us have seen 5.0, I think it is premature to complain.

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:07 pm

My question is when will we even see it? And yes I know it'll come out when it's done, but dang companies float trial balloons sometimes years out and it'd be nice if things came out a little closer to when they were announced.

I have no problem paying for an update if it brings value...

I think in this case, the delayed release has allowed the negativity to fester and they should have just sprung an awesome upgrade so at least there'd be some chance of positive reviews to outweigh the outcry. Announcing this ~ 7 months ago really only had downside potential from a PR perspective in my mind and really didn't generate the positive buzz I'd imagine they were hoping for.


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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:08 pm

Just for the Record I'm not complaining, And if there are new features and it is capable of handling dual heads ect, I have no objection in paying for an upgrade.

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:01 pm

I for one wouldn't be opposed to a reasonable upgrade price to go to a major revision provided I saw value in the features through my daily workflow.

I bought into Simplify3D at version 2, and the software has served me well through the last version 3 they released (never tried v4 yet).

I'm very pleased with the product. I honestly don't think they owe me anything at this point given that the software still serves my needs on a daily basis.

I do appreciate this companies commitment to this product and am happy to continue supporting their efforts.

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:36 am

If the new version has been tested, I hope that S3D can release a new version, there are major updates, and paid upgrades are fine.
Although the new version will be released later, it is enough to allow some users to jump out of the one-year free upgrade guarantee... but I want to try new features ahead of time to improve print quality and are willing to pay for the upgrade.
Or S3D can consider the guarantee of one year free upgrade is limited to this version, for example, only V5~V5.9, other versions require paid upgrades, accelerated version updates and new features, and revenue.
Also, consider allowing certain users to pay for the upgrade in advance and use the new version in advance.

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:26 am

Some time ago i wrote a comment, now i will put a little more to that.

I have used S3D for 3 years and i must say after all the problem with V4x.x and lacking support and no update for long time, is not nice for a payed software.
Then i tested some other slicers,
-Cura i don't like.
-Ideamaker i like it have nearly the same settings as S3D, look like one of them have "stolen" from each other...
-Prusa is the one, i must say the new PrusaSlicer-2.0.0 slicer will be hart to do better. There are so many using it, it is spin off from Slic3r. Prusa have a lot working on it, and it is open source and can be found at Github, the best it is free!

I think S3D have taken then self out with all the nice word and no action. Lot of people are moving around trying to find something there can be a nice slicer for them. When S3D have a working v5, i think many are moved to other slicers. The 3D marked are big, but very few slicers are to be payed for.

Sorry to say but i like the PrusaSlicer more and more.

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Re: Paid upgrade For 2019 upcoming Version 5.0

Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:52 pm

arhi wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:33 pm
B-H-S wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:29 pm
yes the Prusa slicer is free but for how long??

changing the licence of PS is so incredibly hard that's almost impossible. they can make some other slicer from scratch but changing PS to something not open sourced that cost money requires **every single developer that pushed code into slic3r** to sign agreement to change the license.. and to change it to a non open source chance that all of them would agree is not gonna happen.

anyhow I'm sure we all know about other slicers and we tried them and we are still using s3d for this and that reason so let's try to stick with how to make s3d better / make some sens of the situation, rather then talk about PS and other free slicers that we all know exist, and most existed before we purchased s3d :D
Arhi, If Simplify would give us something to talk about, namely an update, or upcoming features I am sure we would talk about those but there is nothing from the S3D camp. the last "update" they gave us (if you can call it that) was BS. They said in previous posts (one of which I quoted in an earlier post) that there would be progress updates on how things are going. here we are only a couple of weeks from entering Q4 and still SILENCE. Even movies have a teaser trailer almost a year in advance! I agree that we should be discussing S3D, but until they give us something to discuss it is kind of hard. I have dug through the improvement request there is plenty there that would make S3D better. IF they release 5.0 I will look at it, but right now, I am really living in the PS2.0 camp. If S3D would have followed a lot of advice and given us some feature improvement list, and regular updates, and an estimated time line then maybe I could have stayed excited about S3D. But they have not done what they told us they would, so how can you trust a company when they do that. If you are going to charge for your software when there are really good free ones you have to keep people interested and silence is not interesting at all. I check back every couple of weeks looking to see if they have released any updates because I will admit that I am curious, but really I have not touched S3D since PS2.0 was released a lot of it is because of the way they have been silent and not followed through on what they have said. 5.0 will have to be a COMPLETE game changer to win me back!
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