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Dual Head Zelda Guardian Print Alignment Issues

Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:14 pm


I'm using the latest S3D with a pretty well dialed in Microcenter Powerspec, which is a FlashForge Creator Pro clone, with dual heads.

I'm trying to do a dual head print of the Zelda Guardian from Thingy:

I'm using the base_plain_thru, base_details_thru_asm, and hips_6_botwg3 files and I can't seem to get the models to align correctly.

When I import them the orientation is incorrect, so I need to do -90 on the X axis for all of them. As a result, I need to do a Center and Align, which may be causing the problem. As if I were just dropping them on the bed, that might otherwise be OK.

If I try to align them, and then use the dual head wizard, it seems to shift them.

This is my 1st time with a dual head print, using different STLs for each head. (I've printed support with the other head)

If someone could post updated STL files, where the origins for all three are aligned, that would be awesome.

Otherwise, any help would be greatly appreciated



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Re: Dual Head Zelda Guardian Print Alignment Issues

Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:05 pm

You can align the models to their respective origins using the following steps.

1. Select both models
2. Shift + Center and arrange
3. Edit > Group models to lock them related to one another
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