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MakerBot Mini Homing and Z-Axis leveling

Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:47 am


My first post and have not yet bought the software, i have read the this will take a few hours before it appears too, so I am not a spambot ;)
I have the MakerBot DeskTop and makerBot Print Software at th moment.

Despite my Mini Printer having 3 metal pads for auto bed height/ level sensing, the MakerBot software does to go to each of the build plate points to calibrate the level.

Lots of greyed out sections in the software that might allow the s' but I cannot access them as they are greyed out.

Can you tell me if your software ill do an auto bed levelling routine ?

Seeing that the software is not that cheap, is there a demo limited time version that is available so I can test it out with me MakerBot Mini first?



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