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Controlling support offset by distance not by just layer

Sat Mar 09, 2019 1:08 am

Been toying with the idea on how to control the offset of support from the model and not by just a single layer
my current layer thickness is %160 of .25mm layer. Let say I want a .19 layer offset of from the support because .25 is just a little to much

So I setup two processes one with the only option is support with no support separation layers. No shells, no top or bottom layers and infill set to 0.
Set up the second with no support and all the setting I wish to have for the model.
to get that .19 I need to adjust the bottom layer thichness.

the fist layer of support is calculated with .25mm at 160% which give .40mm thichness
.25mm * 1.6 = .40mm

add my offset of .19mm to the .40mm for a total thickness of 0.59mm
.40mm + .19mm = .59mm

now find the thichness of the first layer for the model based which is 236%
.59mm / .25mm = 2.36

Now this only works for support from bed to model. no so much for model to model support. Visually it looks correct in the preview.
support offset.jpg

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