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Re: 'Exotic' Filament Thread

Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:21 pm

I have printed with (Dupont Zytel - see earlier posts) which is Nylon 66 based. According to their guides (such as this ... le%202.pdf), there are two process for full strength:
1) Annealing: Done at 150c in the absence of air (eg in a heated oil bath) @ 5min per mm of thickness, .... or a lesser annealing of boiling in water.
2) Moisture Conditioning: It will naturally gain water post printing (improves mechanical properties), but a quicker way is also to boil in water to get to an initial 3% weight gain then let it gain to equilibrium in the atmosphere. The time in boiling water depends on thickness of the object (there are some tables in the document.

Unless I was aiming for a specific application that needed to be precise, I'd just boil the part in water for 1hr to get a reasonable Annealing and initial Moisture Conditioning and call it a day.....
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