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CR-10S with Dual Extruder Board

Tue May 21, 2019 12:29 pm

Hi folks! I'm new here, but far from a noob with printing. I am hoping to get your help before I submit a support ticket (I worked helpdesk before and know tickets should only be submitted after exhausting all possibilities beforehand)

Anyway. My question is, when I go to set up the profiles for my printer, I select CR-10S Pro, but I'm using a dual extruder board (from TH3D! Those guys are great, btw) that I installed. Everything is controlling and operating fine, but I want to set up a profile for dual extrusion. When I try to select the dual extrusion wizard it gives me the warning about "you have no profiles that have dual extrusion"

Can someone tell me how I can go about this properly?

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