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New User with CR10s printer

Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:16 pm

hello, i'm a new user. given the 2 test prints i've done so far, it appears that i should have purchased this software right away!

i'm using a cr10s printer ~1.5yrs ago purchased. i upgraded to marlin 1.1.7 and have always used cura. i've switched to simplify3d as a latch ditch effort to solve some banding/uneven layer alignment issues. i spent several months (this is a hobby not full time) troubleshooting hardware/mechanical. but although i have been able to minimize, i always end up back where i started when the uneven layers began - well slightly improved. however the two test prints i've done of benchy tug-boat with simp3d, i'm seeing further improvements. not perfect yet, my 3rd print is now going and i've lowered the filament temp 5 degrees and already i'm seeing an improvement whereas a 5 degree change in other slicing software showed little or no differences.

i wish there were more of a flat help text file that explained all the settings, i haven't found it yet if it exists.

the big take away for me though, is you guys have really done your jobs - this is pro-level software!

one thing, my guess is yes, but i only saw a profile for cr10 when doing a setup, but i have the cr10s that's just fine right?


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Re: New User with CR10s printer

Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:16 pm

Yes you should use the CR10 profile.

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Re: New User with CR10s printer

Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:05 pm

I also have a CR-10s. The first thing I did out of the box was remove the bed by unscrewing the four level adjusting screws and removing the aluminum plate. This gives you access to the Y-axis carriage. I needed to loosen one side of the rollers and then using a clamp lightly preload the rollers against the extrusion and re-tighten them. The bed had quite a bit of slop in it new.

In my experience, the CR-10S is prone to 'ringing' due to its light and not very rigid build. The best you can do is to slow it down, and not have any weight on the top of the gantry that can exacerbate any harmonic oscillations. I had a clip-on light on mine, and when I removed it and slowed down the print speeds, the ringing went almost completely away.

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