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2 In 1 Out Filament Y on E3D V6

Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:22 pm

I have an E3D V6 on my Tevo Tornado. I just installed a 2-in 1-out Y so I can feed two different colors into the hot end (only one color at a time).

I searched online and found some posts around on other sites that are a few years old, but nothing recent. There was lots of talk about how to prevent jamming and stringing in side of the Y.

I am printing PETG, so stringing is definitely a concern/possibility.

I am not doing fancy multi-layer work, really I just need to change colors once per print at a given layer. The Y just saves me from having to get to the printer to do it by hand :D

Any tips on what scripts/settings to put where to let this Y work?

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