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Printing Via USB

Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:16 am

This might be of interest to other S3D users.

Whilst I know the shortcomings of printing via USB, that worked very reliably for me for several months, so I never got around to using an SD card.

Then about 3 weeks ago the USB became really troublesome and I couldn't print anything - so I started using SD cards.

However I'm now back with reliable (?) USB. It seems the reason probably was that about 3 weeks ago I did some serious rewiring of my 2X to replace a broken thermocouple - and the wiring harness was pretty untidy behind the bot. Wires going every which way.

A couple of days ago after replacing my broken mightyboard I tidied that wiring up, I still have wires dangling round the back, but they are now properly rolled up and zip-tied.

What I think may have been the problem with the USB failures was the fact that the untidy wiring was acting as a aerial and providing spurious RFI signals to the mightyboard.

Therefore anyone who might be suffering failures when using USB might want to review the wiring going down behind the bot - and invest in some wrap-on ferrite cores to go around the wires - those cores will soak up any RFI present on the wires and should given a much cleaner signal to the mightyboard.
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Re: Printing Via USB

Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:03 am

Ver good tip.
Thank you.

I'll will probably not need it myself, but others might..

Another tip is also to only use Grounded outlets. I have sadly not grounded outlets where my printer is, but i rarely have any problems.
Some days thou the printer flips out when turning on the lights.

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