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printing over usb vs sd card

Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:12 pm

just wanted to ask... back when i used cura, i would have sworn that prints from usb were not as good as printing from the sd card. but it was always one of those things i couldn't prove. i discovered that all on my own and thought it about it for at least 2 months before looking at the internet ha!

so i see a lot of technical issues that could happen for sure. blips in the computer, blips in usb etc. i mean, i did purchase a $70 usb cable for my home stereo because you know, i'm on the edge of voodoo when it comes to home audio. some of you brits my understand that - but i am also pragmatic.

ANYWAY - i actually kind of thought s3d would of course be professional enough to have thought of printing via usb and implemented it as best as they could save any issues with cables and computer blips.... i do have my laptop configured properly for not saving power or turning off harddrives, not reducing cpu power, not putting usb ports to sleep etc..

but i'm just curious. the other thing is that yes my laptop is quite old and is a whooping dual core 1.6mhz amd chip. i saved it from an untimely demise.

so any thoughts as to usb vs sd card? all pretty much computer dependant? also my machine is a cr10s. i love the convenience of just plugging it in!


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Re: printing over usb vs sd card

Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:04 pm

An SD card will usually be faster than an old computer for the simple reason that the computer can get bogged down doing other things, which can negatively impact the data rate. This may cause sporadic short pauses, which allows ooze to be deposited into blobs and gaps to form when the extruder starts up again.

The controller on the other hand has one job and, when using the SD card, it's not dependent on another device to feed it data: it just needs to pull data from the card as fast as it can.

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Re: printing over usb vs sd card

Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:17 am

As TheBum has said, an external computer will always be doing something else and that something else could be disruptive. I too like (and rely on) the convenience of having an external control via PC. I can control and initiate prints from anywhere using this method. I am using quite a high-spec machine specifically and have removed all but essential applications.

One thing which has occurred to me as I now think about it in more detail: It is possible to change the priority of the Simplify3D process which will grant it higher priority than other processes. It would certainly be worth trying this and I may try it myself.

To do this, go to Task Manager and to the Details tab. From the details tab, right-click on the Simplify3D process and Set Priority and then set it to High (probably avoid Realtime). Let us know what you find. It'd be useful to have a few real-life comparisons. As there are many background processes (updates, AV etc etc) it will probably take many tests to see any trends.

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