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Z mount between two objects : sequential printing

Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:17 pm


I have been using Simplify for a few months and now I can not do without its processes :-)

I do not usually ask questions on the forums but despite my research I have not found anything that answers my problem.

In fact, I always print multiple objects on my board, with different processes and in sequential mode. That is to say that after making an object, Z returns to 0 to start another, next to the 1st.

My objects are always 1 cm high.

Here is my problem: when the printer finished for example 3 objects, and it must start the 4th, the trajectory of the head passes it on a previous piece.
Indeed, the head goes down slowly going towards the next, so that it enters into a collision with another if it is on its way.

The solution I would like to find: make sure that before going to the next location, the head gets up 1 cm. She goes with her head up. Then once she has crossed the plateau, she goes down.

Can anyone tell me if it's possible with simplify without post processing each gcode?
I tried different ways but nothing is conclusive

On cura for example, this feature is enabled by default. Between two rooms, the head goes up so as not to touch anything on the board.

I hope to have been clear
Thank you in advance,

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