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Z up G-code file for maintenance and nozzle work CR-10 models

Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:22 pm

Here is a G-Code, Z axis jog up 125mm (5 inches) for nozzle maintenance
since the controller does not let you jog the Z.
I did this on my CR-10 S5 so I can do nozzle maintenance for clogs
And nozzle changes. Copy paste this into your standard text editor
i.e. notepad etc., name it the file name below, copy it to your
SD card, and Load it on the machine, it will home, then the Z will
move up so you can do nozzle work.

File Name: "Maint Nozzle.gcode"

G28 ; home all axes
G0 Z125 ; lift up (125mm or rougly 5 inches)
G92 E0.0000
;end file
;enjoy, Scott

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