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First layer height depending on Print Quality setting

Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:36 am


Currently, for my printer profile in Simplify3D, I have 3 "Auto-Configure for Print Quality" sub-profile (that we can choose at the right of the material:
- Fast (with layer height of 0.3mm)
- Medium (with layer height of 0.2mm)
- High (with layer height of 0.3mm)

The parameter which varied with the "Print Qualatity" are :
- Layer height
- Top solid layers
- Bottom solid layers
- Skirt layer
- Infill percentage
- Support infil percentage

I would like to make the First layer height a parameter that can varied with the print quality. By exemple, for the medium quality, a layer height of 100% and for the high quality 200% (for the same man profile) : is there a way to do that ?
Currently, if I change the layer height on high quality, the parameter is also passed in medium and fast quality.



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Re: First layer height depending on Print Quality setting

Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:42 am


"Auto-Configure for print quality" adjustments, as you have seen, do not affect the parameter "First layer Height". It is unique by profile.
From my personal experience, I usually assign "First layer Height" for each material, also adding different Z-axis Global Offsets in order to achieve good first layers printed directly on the glass (Trying to avoid the elephant foot, the overextrusion, the classic "Toc Toc", etc.)
For me, the best way to take advantage of the Simplify3D settings is to create a profile for each important material and configuration, such as "PLA - Prusa MK3 - Kapton Tape"


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