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FlashForge Creator 3

Sun May 10, 2020 2:59 pm

Hi all.
I just have bought Creator 3 and already hate bugs of FlashPrint. %)
The site of simplify3d said the the Creator 3 is supported by simplify3d. Did any one has experience? How good is support? Is supported mirror and dublication mode? Is supported sending tasks by WiFi? Do simplify3d send commands to clean nozzle by the steel brush and so on.

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Re: FlashForge Creator 3

Wed May 13, 2020 10:00 am

What do you find for problems with Flashprint?

I am considering a Creator 3.

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Re: FlashForge Creator 3

Wed May 13, 2020 9:53 pm

A lot of bugs. Here some of them:
  • When I want recreate xgcode file and thus rewrite it, FlashForge give me two times warning about the same rewriting.
  • When I use the feature to combine solid infill, FlashForge combine the first thick layer with second thin solid infill layer, thus do this feature not useful, because the first layer will be too thick.
  • Also it combine middle of a bridge with the second layer. :)
  • Also it get wrong direction for a bridge (middle part, between perimeters).
  • When height of a layer <=0.15 it put a bridge at top of a vase in the vase mode.
  • Preview looked ugly and print structure is barely visible.
  • "Low build plate when traveling" exists only for tree support. Thus a nozzle is scratches surface, for instance top surface of a bottom of a vase.
  • Lack of many option, that exist in other slicer.
  • Lack of possibility to change parameters for different parts, for instance to create test objects such a temperature tower.
  • It supports tabs (you can switch them to show), but reject to create more than one.
Also it has some advantages, which is not useful yet. For instance, separate "combine" settings for solid infill and spare infill. Thus I will may set layer height=0.08 (will work only for perimeter), solid infill combine 2, thus height 0.16, spare (triangle, for instance) infill combine 3, thus height 0.32. So I will get 0.08 accuracy without loosing much speed.

As of Creator 3 it is not perfect too. Yes, it has steel closed camera and good, thick (and thus heavy and slow) mechanic. An I like how it print with 0.08 layer height. But..
They said that they support a plastic with graphite infill. Lie, by my opinion. In instruction said:

"Creator 3 is able to print PACF, , because of the material of the nozzle is not the hardened , the nozzle will be worn. It’s
estimated that printing 1-2kg of PACF, will need to change a new nozzle and have to equip with a strong extruder.
Standard device equipped with a standard feeding extruder."

So don't believe the site and don't use an abrasive filament. The nozzles, btw, are non standard, so it will problem to find them. Also I didn't see hardened nozzles, for instance ruby, for such printer.

Also very funny situation with fans on back site of the box. It has 4 fans, two at top, two at button with air filter. And in the promo video they said that this air filter to "secure print". And, by common sense, every who studied physics at school, will think that bottom air must blow cold air inside, passing throw air filter, while top fans blow hot air outside. But... all fans blows in opposite direction. top fans blow inside cold air with dust at top, while bottom fans blow out cold air (hot air at top, remember physics) and due to air filter all dust will keep inside the printer. So printer will works like vacuum cleaner for you room, but a big and expensive one. I ask the support of FlashForge, they answered, that this is not a bug, but a feature. %) Printer will clean air in your room to make you healthy. %)

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