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Identify my profile changes

Fri Aug 28, 2020 6:54 pm

Extreme newbie to Simplyfy3D here, so sorry if I missed something obvious. I miss the days of printed manuals, so if I missed documentation here my apologies. I appreciate having all the tutorials, etc, but a single reference document would be very useful. I'm an old fart, I know.

I'm trying to understand the best way to determine where I've changed the "delivered" settings for my printer, as it gets hard pretty quick to change a setting, then keep or revert it as I am trying to fine tune things.

1) Is there a way to see where I have customized settings? I see I can "export FFF", but since that appears to xml report "all" the settings. I see where that is also useful, but I just want to see diefferences.

2) Are the original profiles stored somewhere that are readable? (in my case, Ive tried searching the usual windows app directories, but to no avail). If so, maybe I can run a diff / file compare program on my export and the printer profile so I can see differences (last resort).



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Re: Identify my profile changes

Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:20 pm

You can reload the stock profile for your machine using Help > Configuration Assistant. Then you can export that profile before making any changes using File > Export FFF Profile. This will give you a stock version of the profile you can always compare against using a common text editing program on your computer. Many free software packages for editing text will also have a line by line text compare function.
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Re: Identify my profile changes

Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:00 pm

It would be nice to have what CURA does - there is an icon next to the parameter that you changed. As long as you don't save your changes you can click on that "swirlie" icon and get the original value for that parameter back. Also, when you create a new profile, CURA will show you what changed from the default profile you started with. Kind of useful when you are fighting a new filament.

Speaking of THAT, I end up with a bazillion profiles for every printer because not all settings are with a filament selection. Some things are saved with the profile, some with the filament, and some with the layer. But when I change the layer, my first layer setting, which is set with the machine profile, does not change, so I have to change that manually (150% of .2 works, but 150% of .3 is a filament of a different color). What works fine for speeds and layers on PETG is not the same as for ABS, but if I change filament, many of the settings are attached to the printer and again, I have to manually adjust the profile, and rather than memorize all of the knobs that don't match up with the element that needs customized, I end up with a bazillion profiles that specify filament, machine and layer depth. Not optimal, but it works. I am not really sure how to make that better, but it doesn't really work now. (Please don't tell me that I can hack the XML files attached to the profile to get this functionality, that is clever, but tedious and you will never keep it up to date.)

So, when is 5.0 going to appear? And what is going to be in it?

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Re: Identify my profile changes

Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:14 am

I wrote a post a while back stating the same problem. Hope SD3 is taking all this in for consideration.

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