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Starting script and end script for multi processes

Tue Oct 06, 2020 5:06 pm

I want to print three parts, one after the other (first part completes, then printer moves on to second part etc) and I am wondering what to do about my starting and ending scripts.
(I usually print one part at a time so my single process has a start and end script)

This is how I believe it should be, but correct me if I'm wrong:
Process 1, part 1: only has a start script (to purge and home etc)
Precess 2, part 2: has no start or end script at all
Process 3, part 3: only has a end script (park head, move plate forward etc)

This sounds logic to me, but wanted to double check.

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Re: Starting script and end script for multi processes

Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:54 pm

Duplicate your normal single script two times (leaving start and end scripts intact) and allocate one script to each part,, then print the three parts using the sequential printing feature.

Its as complicated as that!

The job has one start and one end. I've no idea which start and end script it will run...it doesn't matter at all if they're all the same!

The only complication is to ensure that the print head will not collide with what it has already printed when printing the second and third part. Using a max height distance that ensures a good clearance is advised....which may split the printing up into phases....part 1 bottom, part 2 bottom, part 3 bottom, then part 3 top ( or bit), part 1 (or 2) top (or bit), part 2 (or 1 ) top (bit)...and possibly etc
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