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Re: Malyan M180 3D Desktop printer ?

Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:04 pm

CompoundCarl wrote:Sounds like the extruder fan. That's controlled by the firmware. If you have a second cooling fan, you can control that with the software

Thanks both of you, yes I have only extruder fans, so i understand now that those spin all the time. One other question.
1.How do you write script or insert command to printer. In FFT settings you have only start and end script already written. OK I see you can write into them. I saw there are 3 macros that you can ran. Is it possible if something goes wrong to pause the process and then run macro (lets say to lower bed down t see whats wrong) and then continue process forward. If yes where to write a macro?
2.Is it possible just to write some code and printer would response to that. On machine control panel there is a communication window. But i cant write because it says printer support only binary commands. How to send command to printer to lower bed for example G1 Z150 F1000 ; send Z axis to bottom of machine.


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Re: Malyan M180 3D Desktop printer ?

Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:07 pm

Fans spin when extruder gets hotter than 50 C.

As fot binary commands - I would like to know also. S3D should have the same logic for macros, as for scripts, so it will translate it with gpx. But it does not. For the moment.

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Re: Malyan M180 3D Desktop printer ?

Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:54 pm

I have printed a PLA blower fan adaptor for my M180 and installed a fan in the right-side position for testing... I've plugged the fan into the auxiliary wire located in the right front of the printer housing it's a 12v 40mm x 10mm 8+ CFM fan as recommended... When I go to print, the fan does not spin (I've tried two different ones and neither spin when printing starts) Is there something I'm not doing in the software that's keeping the fan from spinning up? The fan gets warm when you touch the center where the motor is, but it doesn't spin up and I can hear the main board cooling fan speed up and slow down when I plug and unplug the fan

I saw in the Wiki a set of command lines, but it doesn't specify it this will work with S3D, and where in the command they are supposed to go

From the Wiki:

M106 T0 S100 ; set pwm to 100, max value 255
M107 T0 ; disable pwm



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