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Simplify3D support/licensing for old version

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:10 am
by aLLmIxEdup

This is perhaps jumping the gun a little, but what will the position be regarding support for the existing Simplify3D V4 when V5 is released?

Given the extensive development time that the new version is taking, one might guess that it will be an entirely new piece of software. This means two different pieces of software to support instead of one and we all know software publishing houses don't like that - its more expensive.

Additionally I would guess that Simplify3D are targeting 'commercial' customers for their new release; and I hope they enjoy success. However, that is a shift in the product focus that may not bode well for many existing 'hobbyist' users.

Considering that this product has been favoured by many individuals, who probably do not want a, presumably more expensive, replacement. I'll hazard a guess that many will prefer to stay on the version they have, and still be able to update for new printers. So I think the matter of ongoing support is a fair question. Especially given the popular trend of 'abandonware' that has gripped the software industries in recent years.

This may be a pessimistic view but, even in very large organizations, the trend is to OSS, not so much because it looks cheaper, but because it is more reliable and trustworthy than products from commercial vendors - who answer to their shareholders or twitter. Not to their customers.

Hope you get your software out this year and everyone likes it.