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Request for an honest update

Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:36 pm

It has been a little over a year since I purchased Simplify 3D and I don't regret making that decision. However, that blue 4.1 symbol at the top of this page has been there for a very long time. Version 5.0 has been mentioned a couple times in the blogs, the last being August of 2020. It is more than obvious that the past year kicked the behind of so many industries and disrupted development cycles the world over. But even before then, the lack of communication has been a stain on your product's name. New to 3D printing, I did a lot of research before I pulled the trigger on Simplify 3D even though there were so many comments on the lack of updates to the product. Even positive mentions came with an asterisk attached that urged potential customers to take that into consideration before buying. I almost didn't make the purchase because of them. And now a year into ownership and well beyond any hope of a free update to this mythical 5.0 I have to ask myself if I would be willing to invest anything more into this product based upon the lack of communication from the developer. There haven't even been any small quality of life improvements made to the software. A couple of times this past year I have found myself frustrated by simple lack of features that the other slicers have. I have given both Cura and Silcer honest shots as a result. The features are awesome if a little unpolished. But I keep returning to Simplify 3D because it just creates better g-code and consistently results in better prints. But good lord guys! How hard is it to do a small update to let my design computer communicate with my printer over my network? You already have a decent enough machine control panel built in but it is useless unless I run a 50 foot USB cable down the hallway of my house to the workshop. Even then I'd have to have a browser open connected to Octoprint or a dedicated camera just to check up on the printer occasionally. This hobby/budding industry is rapidly developing as you have mentioned in the blog and if you are developing along side there sure isn't any evidence of it. So how about a little bit of regular info, eh? Even an occasional blog of "5.0 is coming along great! We are at 50% feature complete and blah blah blah golden sunshine and birds singing happily!" We all know that it is mostly optimistic marketing wank. But it is far better than this total vacuum of information we exist in. Please crack open those lines of communication for us loyal customers. The silence is deafening...and disheartening.

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