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Auto Bed Leveling Setup

Tue Mar 23, 2021 1:39 pm

Hi there,

I recently took the plunge and purchased Simplify3D. I have also changed the firmware for my Geeetech i3 Pro B to the Marlin 2 version. I also took the opportunity to add auto bed leveling to aid with getting that perfect first layer we all chase.

Everything is working fine, G28 homes and uses the probe to Z home and G29 goes ahead and probes the bed in 16 places (4x4 pattern).

My question is, how do I enable the auto bed leveling when a print occurs? I have added the G29 after the last G28 command, and had to add two G1 commands as it started to print where the G29 ended. In the interest of providing all the information for help, here's my full startup script in Simplify3D;

G28 ; home all
G29 ; level bed
G92 E0
G1 Y100.0 F2000
G1 Z0.1 F1000
G1 X8.0 F2000
G1 Y60.0 E4.0 F1000.0 ; prime
G1 Y100.0 E8.5 F1000.0 ; prime
G92 E0

This is basically just a slightly modified version of the standard start G-Code for my machine. The lines in red are the lines I have added.

Basically, in the above, when printing the first layer, I can see the outlines getting thinner as the nozzle gets too close to the bed, so it appears to be ignoring the results of the bed levelling?

What am I missing here? Thanks

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