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Modify print width by layer - any tips?

Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:06 pm

Hi All,

Any tips on ways to accomplish modifying the print width by layer? In short - I'd like the bridging width to be less than the default width, 100%.

Background - this is a very specific scenario. I'm printing 2.85 TPU filament using is dia 2.0 nozzle. I've got the print settings dialed in and working really great. I've got bridging almost working, the challenge is, the bridges are too thin. I've played with speeds and extrusion rates, they always come out thin and stringy. I'm convinced that's the best I can get out of this unique set up. I'd love it if I could physically increase the amount of bridge paths, decreasing the distance between path. I know this is wonky. I know this will mess up the bridge anchors. But I still want to try it.


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