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Report layer change to Octoprint?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:00 am
by tenaja
Is there a command I can put in the Layer Change Script to tell Octoprint the Z location? I would like to be able to see where it is on the Z height, in Octoprint, without printing with Octoprint.

For those asking "why not print from Octopring?", my 3d printer cannot print well using it--the printer pauses frequently, creating blobs. It's just a poorly implemented, closed-source firmware; it's a 32-bit processor, and it cannot even update the touchscreen without creating blobs unless I press it during a long straight line. But I'd still like to be able to check up on it beyond just with the camera. (It will be replaced, eventually...)

So, I thought maybe I can insert a command at Layer Change to give me a Z height. Does anybody know if there is something for this?