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Pause extruder mid print to change filament color

Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:32 pm


1 month user. Learning plenty, having fun and creating wonderful custom gifts for people.

I'm trying to create a custom logo for our school.

I've tried the tutorial and searching posts but I can't understand the process of gcode. I would like to pause the extruder.

I know where to type script, but the language is difficult for this old man.

I have a print 30mm at 149 layers. 1/2 way after printing, I would like my Qidi extruder to pause and allow me to change filament colors. I don't need to do anything else; not changing any other hardware or software for the second half of my print.

After layer 69 completes, I would like a pause allowing me to change colors and finish printing layer 70-150.

I do understand how to add and change temps, speed, etc. mid print...but not how to pause extruder and continue thereafter.

Can anybody post a how-to link?

Don I need to learn GCODE to get my solution?

Any tips appreciated. I'm over my head on this. However, I've come so far!

Thank you so much.

Kind regards.


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