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Factory files, network workflow, auto perimeters, fan, gcode

Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:38 pm


Just download 1.0.3 and sliced my first file. Questions, comments:

+ What, exactly, is contained in the factory files? Is gcode contained there? I ask because I'm slicing on a desktop (powerful) and then printing from a netbook (not powerful). It appears that I'd need to reslice if I want to print from Creator - is that the case?

+ It also appears that my process profile didn't show up - are those settings somehow contained within the factory file?

+ I selected "duplicate selected models" for my first attempt; I then opened the resulting factory file on the netbook. The duplicate didn't show up. Bug?

+ My model has fillets, so it benefits from Slic3r's auto perimeter generation. I couldn't see anything like that - is that something that Creator does?

+ Fan control seems coarse - is the only option to set it to a given speed for the entire print?

+ Is there a way to load gcode and then print it from the Machine Control Panel? Or preview it?



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Re: Factory files, network workflow, auto perimeters, fan, g

Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:22 pm

The .factory files are intended to include all the models and processes in the current workspace. So you could have 12 models being sliced by 10 different processes (maybe it's every part you need to print for a new toy action figure), and you could save then entire thing to a single compressed file. I did just verify that it doesn't appear to be saving model duplicates though, so we'll need to fix that. And we just changed the file extension for FFF processes so I need to update that as well. Thanks for finding it!

If you want to slice on your dekstop, then all you would need to transfer to your netbook is the resulting G-Code file. No need to transfer a .factory file, processes, or models. If you're on your netbook and you want to Preview a G-Code file, just press the big preview button in the bottom left of Creator's main interface. I like to preview mine "by layer" with the "linked sliders" turned on so that you can scroll through each individual layer using the sliders.

For your filleted model, Creator will still recognize the steep overhangs and will put a solid infill where needed. It doesn't do this using complete perimeters because that means you now get an extra perimeter around the entire part where it might only be needed in 1 small location. And the fan controls are a little coarse right now. We focused a lot of our effort recently on speed and path modifications for cooling vs relying heavily on the fan alone.

And finally, if you want to actually print a G-Code file, simply load the Machine Control Panel (Ctrl-P), connect to your printer, and press the big "Run" button to select your G-Code file.

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Re: Factory files, network workflow, auto perimeters, fan, g

Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:56 pm

Thanks for the helpful response!

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