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Sequential multi part with the dual extruder ?

Fri Aug 27, 2021 4:44 am


I have 5 models that each is printed sequentially.

For each model I have two process. One process starts at 0mm and stops at 3, the second process changes the extruder and starts at 3 mm and ends at the top of the part at 6mm.

If I run it sequentially like I want with a height set at 8 or 10mm... the first tool will finish the first process on each part. Then switch extruder or tool and finish the second half of each part.

In the process window I have the process arrange so that each part should finish completely before moving to the next. Meaning that the first process finishes the first model only and then the second process continues in the second half of the model with the second extruder and finishes. The third process in row is the first half of the next model.

However in s3d when preparing for print, it first runs all the process from the first tool or extruder And then the next processes from the next extruder regardless of how they are arranged in the process list.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Is there a way to finish each model in dual extruder jobs like there is in mono extruder jobs?


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