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HELP! Where do I adjust the right thing?

Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:31 pm

Hi, somehow I just dont get the right values found!

I print on an 2x with abs. using pure default my extruded lines are to thin, they hardly touch. Which value do I have to play with to find the right extrusion? Tried to change the auto extrusion width down to .36 step buy step and even the Multiplier up to 1.8 but somehow I just dont get it right!

Extrusion Diameter, Auto extrusion width or extrusion Multiplier? Could somebody explain me these three values and how they work together? Dont want to waste more hours and $$ of fillament just because I did not ask and did not understand the basics!

thanks in advance.

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Re: HELP! Where do I adjust the right thing?

Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:45 am

Extrusion Diameter is the size of the hole in your extruder nozzle. should be in you specifications. Once you set it up dont change it.

Auto extrusion width. Just click the box so the software will do the calculations, for now keep it simple.

Extrusion Multiplier Simply lets you adjust the flow rate. A lower number slows the rate down. Sounds like you may need to increase the flow rate but check the info below before doing any adjustment.

Now, get a digital caliper and measure the filament diameter, Google it for technique, then enter it into the Filament Diameter under the Other tab.

This should get you close.

Under the Machine Control window you will see the Override settings. The Extrusion jog will give you the ability to adjust the flow on the fly.

ABS is ambitious for a beginner, get a couple of spools of PLA to work with to start, it's very forgiving and you can pay more attention learning the machine than dealing with a difficult material. Once you master PLA go for ABS

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Re: HELP! Where do I adjust the right thing?

Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:39 am

Thanks for the detailed answer.. gone try these tips.

PLA is already sitting on the shelf BUT makerbot messed up the hotend design which means PLa does not really work on an 2x. gone customise the hotend back into an MK7 with a proper thermal barrier and than start all over with pla... but this will take still weeks. so I keep on learning with abs. :-)


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