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Bug? Auto-arrange should consider rotation

Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:09 pm

Back to my favorite print for my Makergear M2, the adjustable wrench:

I load it into Simplify3D. I scale it up to 150%. I hit the arrange button, and I get a pop-up window.
"Cannot auto-arrange. Largest part exceeds build dimensions."

Except, that really isn't true. I go back, set the Z-axis rotation to 290 degrees. I hit the Arrange button again. No problem.
The bug (or feature?) that I'd like to convey is that if the only way that a long object (like a wrench) can be arranged on the bed with only a rotation of the Z axis, then the arrange button should go ahead and do that for me.

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Re: Bug? Auto-arrange should consider rotation

Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:26 pm

That's be great, but it's also rather difficult to solve in the general case (i.e. lots of objects to pack together). There are lots of well understood algorithms for optimally arranging boxes (rectangles). But once you add rotation, you need to understand the actual shape of the object, not just the rectangle the object fits into, and how you can rotate all of the objects so they pack together most efficiently. If you read over ... CCkQgQMwAA your head will spin.

But perhaps they could address the special case, of one object which needs to be placed on the platform so that it fits. That's a much easier problem. :-)

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