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Laser Cutters/Engravers (feature request)

Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:30 pm

Lately, I have been producing laser-cut objects in conjunction with printed objects. It would be quite handy to export slices in 2D cross sections, say dxf format, from the 3D model in Creator, as an extension to the cross-section concept. But, only the lines in one cut-plane are needed in the dxf file, not half the model. In many cases, a series of parallel cut-plane views are needed. It would extremely helpful to be able to export a series of dxf files, for example one cross section parallel to the x-y plane at 5 mm (or other) increments from z=5 to z=50.

This would be sort-of similar to the projection function of OpenSCAD, but with an iterative capability.

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