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Geeetech Prusa i3 X

New user to simplify3d. Pretty impressed so far but have come from a slic3r world and Repetier.
Wondering what default printer I should use, and if anyone has a config specifically for this printer. I know that the one I used only had a Z of 100 and I will have to adjust it to 170mm
What are others using?
What about print speed settings?
Like to experiment as much as the next guy but like to also start with a good base.

Here is the one I bought, and it is printing very well so far, no adhesion problems using a glue stick and glass with PLA.
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Re: Geeetech Prusa i3 X

When I bought my Prusa variant from Amazon, I used the custom profile set up from Configuration Assistant -> Other option. This was simple and easy to set up and it worked right out of the box for PLA. I did have to tune some settings for other filaments, especially temperature.
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