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FEATURE REQUEST - Equivalent filament diameter feedback

Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:04 pm

I haven't had much trouble just putting in 1.72 mm for everything then adjusting on the fly. However, as I move to 0.1 and lower layer heights the need to have everything dialed in goes up exponentially. That's because each time you half the layer height you double the effects of filament diameter errors. So, to get a 0.05 layer just right requires 8x better precision than a 0.20mm layer build.

Here's the feature request... change the "extrusion %" adjustment on the control panel to read "equivalent filament diameter" based on the filament diameter loaded in the .fff file. That way, once I get a roll dialed in with the dial on the control panel I could just look at the "equivalent filament diameter" output and put a sticker on that roll with that number. Then I would simply include it in the .fff file next round with no need for tweaking as long as the filament has a consistent cross sectional area throughout the roll.

A simple lookup table would work okay but displaying "Extrusion %" with no units included doesn't help with adjusting the correct filament diameter in the .fff file.

Does the "extrusion %" dial change extruder speed or plastic flow rate?

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Re: FEATURE REQUEST - Equivalent filament diameter feedback

Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:19 pm

tony, if you are referring to the jog dial then yes as you turn that up it extrudes more plastic. its basically the same as turning up the extrusion multiplier

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