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Multi Process Layer Count print question

Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:19 am

I have a part that is printed with two processes. Process 1 has a 0.2mm layer thickness. It prints using 2 temperatures at different heights. Process 2 has 0.1mm layer thickness. It also prints at 2 different temperatures at 2 different heights. process 1 is the start process. Process 2 is the subsequent process.

The question is about the layer number when setting temperatures in Process 2. Is the layer number used to set a temperature in Process 2, the layer count from the build plate, as in an absolute layer number? Or is it a layer number within that process or what could be described as the relative layer? That is, is the layer number, relative to the Process 2 start point, or absolute layer starting at the build plate?

This becomes more complex when we have different layer heights in each of the processes. You have to calculate the layers by height and thickness.

I would be nice if the 'Prepare To Print' could have an alternate display option, where it would display temperature of the layers, rather than the speed. Then one could confirm that the temperatures are changing at the expected layers.

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Re: Multi Process Layer Count print question

Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:23 am

I think the layer number is the exact same as if you sliced with that one process only. So if it would normally be layer 100 if you were only using a single process, it won't change if you now include multiple processes at once, which is nice, since this means you don't have to constantly change the layer number settings in each process depending on how you print

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