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Speed Vs Temp

Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:28 pm

I have been pretty happy with the latest version of SImplify3D and I have been going back to objects that I had issues with and i find Simplify3D successfully prints them. AWESOME! :D
However, I did run into something which is an interesting thing which is worth looking at. While printing this: for the spouse for V day I see something happening which is interesting. S3D changes speeds, I assume, based on tool paths and layer height... but, I found on the second layer the speed went WAY up. That's ok... but... it was too fast for the optimal temp for the spool of PLA I was using. The result was the layer did not fuse to the previous layer. Next time around I upped the temp assuming what I saw the speeds as... and shut off the downward fan and it worked ok... but ... Looking forward using S3D one needs to set the temps way up accordingly per layers... OK we can do that in the Process screens... but it takes a printer TIME to heat up enough to match the heat. Soooo.... I believe the only solution currently is to set the temp much higher for the whole object. Not ideal...

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Re: Speed Vs Temp

Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:06 pm

toby, speeds are all set in your profile. the temp should stay the same. your first layer print speed is usually lower for adhesion purposes and all that is in the settings. you have first layer speed settings, outline speed settings, infill and regular print speed. default print speed is what it jumps up to on second layer which you say is way too fast. slow that down a bit. default i believe is 4800. set that then do you first layer and outline speeds. they are set as a percentage of the default speed. run then at maybe 50% and adjust from there to what you like.

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