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Various Extrusion Parameters, workflow

Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:47 pm


Does anyone know if the "extrusion multiplier" in the FFF file is supposed to have the exact same impact as changing the extrusion override in the machine control panel?

I'm trying to sort out the best work flow for running many copies of the same parts through multiple rolls of material. It is really cumbersome to measure each roll of filament, adjust the "filament diameter" in the FFF, run various calibration parts to adjust the extrusion multiplier, then finally generate a "final" gcode only to have to repeat the whole process (and creation of all the gcode files) when you get to the next roll.

I've been fiddling with setting the extrusion multiplier to 1.0, the filament diameter to 1.75 and then running calibration parts with the extrusion override turned down until i get a result I like. I then write that number on the side of the roll and whenever I run it dial that it. It is much less tedious, however it seems like that override parameter doesn't impact the extrusion flow rate like some of the things in the FFF do. For example, I have a large 120 gram part I've run many of now that I ran at a 1.0 override and a 0.9 override, but the different in final weight was only about 5 grams.

Has anyone else done direct comparisons of these settings?

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Re: Various Extrusion Parameters, workflow

Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:09 am

Yeah, the filament override knob in the MCP does the same things as changing the extrusion multiplier in your FFF settings. I usually run a print and change the override knob as it's printing to get the perfect amount of filament. Just print a simple 20mm calibration cube with 100% infill. That makes it really easy to figure out the right amount of extrusion.

That way you can change things in real-time and then just enter the correct value into your FFF settings once you figure out what works best. But be sure to reset the override knob to 100% after you do that! ;)

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