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Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:17 pm

hi all, i'm near on giving this up as a bad job here..

basic question, do you have to recalibrate for dimentions everytime you do a new model? i'm literaly chaising my tail here, 1 kilo of test prints to calibrate later i have nothing to show.

set the steps per mm in marlin, do a print its ok, set up the real print and the dimentions are out.(consistent from print to print on that one model.

a 4 pillar block used to set the Z steps, 10mm incroments, sets to within 0.1mm, now print and its 0.5 mil out at one height bang on at another etc etc?

sort the solid infill out and try to print a real item....its out or the dimentions shift.

reset the exstrution factor some thing else will go out again.

what am i missing?

previously this printer was good to with in 4 hundredths of a mm, shifting slightly with ambient temps or new spools of filoment...pulling my hair out here.

think i'm printer blind tbh....

edit in... 5x 0.4mm layers = 2mm ? it'll only print 3 layers....

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