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Rostock 301 Profile.

Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:56 pm

Hey folks,
I've been a S3D user for almost 18 months with my Replicator clone, after lots of mods to the machine and even more printing, i decided i wanted to try a delta, i considered designing my own and building it but after realising all of my knowledge was with a cartesian design i'd purchase a kit and learn with that before i start on anything fancy.

fast forward a month and i've received my printer a relatively cheap geeetech rostock 301 (i fancied the 3 in 1 out and thought it would be a good starting point) after building (12 hours over 3 days) and turning it on, i then found i felt like a complete 3D noob, ( i considered myself an advanced user with my cartesian printer) so i took to google, the 1st problem i found was i couldn't find a profile for my printer to allow it to work with S3D and unlike my replicator there seems to be very little information about how i even use this thing.

Does anyone have a rostock 301 they use with S3D and if so, would you be able to offer me any guidance at all?

Any help is much appreciated



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Re: Rostock 301 Profile.

Mon May 01, 2017 4:48 am

Did you already try emailing the S3D folks? They may already have a profile they can give you for it.

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