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"Manual" internal structure... ?

Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:22 am

Hi all,

referring to this: ... mFZWEt2em8
I want to make a "pipe", with some thickness but I also want to manually set the internal structure.
(i do not need the bottom or top caps, those are open meshes)

I made 3 non-solid meshes, one for each color, if i import one at time in Simplify, it will create a clean, single path, gcode (setting 0% infill and/or vase mode).. allright.

But if i import more than 1 at time, Simplify will "merge" the shapes together, leaving only the larger one.

What i want is just 3 clean movements: internal circle, zig-zag infill, external circle.

I also tried making the whole object as a (0.4 thin) solid, but then Simplify divide it in a way it wont make a smooth external circle...

There is some way to "feed" Simplify with additional meshes for manual infill/structure?
Or to avoid the merging of shapes... do the same thing it would do with many 0% infill object that are separated eachother, but when they overlap... even this would be enough.

Thank you in advance!

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