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Variable wall thickness and infill

Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:57 pm


I am trying to print a part for which I have different solid models that line up together. I would like to have different layers and infill for each region, but to have the finished item be one single part with continuous outer loops.

I know you can bring in multiple models and create settings using a single process and merge outer lines into a single loop, but this would all have one set of wall thicknesses and infill.

I also tried setting a different process for each model but when I do this the 'merge outer lines into a single loop' has no effect.

Are there any other settings that I have not found that will let me do this.

The purpose of this exercise is to vary the wall thickness and infill so that the part is stronger at one end that the other - to optimize material usage and print time.



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