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Thoughts on new and missing features

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:20 pm
by mrcs
Hey Simplify 3D Team,

First of all thanks for the Update, you made a great Slicer even better,
but even though there is a lot new nice stuff there are still some points which could be enhanced.
So just wanted to recap my experience and thoughts about the new Update:

1. Raft:
The new Raft improved alot, especially the "Above Raft Speed" was really necessary!
But there are still some flaws and i honestly don´t get why they aren´t fixed yet:

1. Raft Speed: There is still no Setting for this (at least i didn´t found it) this really annoys me as it is painfully slow even though im Printing with 50-80mm/s
1.1 Im using a Skirt and Raft in combination for Priming, but the Speedsettings are getting really strange there, if i set the first layer to 40% the Skirt is printed on a decent Speed but the first Layer of the Raft is so freakishly slow (40% of the already really slow Raftspeed) that i get to the point were my Extruder is skipping steps (direct drive)

Possible Solution:
Use the "First Layer Speed Setting" for the whole Raft, this way i can speed it up (to save time) and still be able to use a Skirt which doesn´t rips my Printsurface apart

2. Small area slowdown: You even recommend using Multiprocesses for this case. But i think that can´t be the Solution. if you print multiple Parts with different features you either slowdown everything or it is printed so fast that Small areas (like 2-4mm²) are almost unprintable.
Slic3r does this since, i don´t know 4 Years? I don´t think that this would be hard to implement. Don´t get me wrong Multiprocesses are great and the improvements made it even better but in 90% of the cases i don´t have the time to fiddle around witch multiple processes.

3. First Layer height is still in Percent, this really freaks me out. It has been proposed countless times and is still the same.

4. Seperation Layer: It´s still bundled to Layerheight the Problems of this were discussed here a lot. Maybe a easier Solution than adding a absolute seperation height would be to offer to use half or quarter of a Layerheight.

5. Tool Change G-Code: This will be a big Problem for me in the Future as E0 and E1 will need a different G-Code when im switching between them

6. Top Layer Underspeed: Also frequently discussed, why not hook (or make a checkbox) Perimeter Underspeed to the Toplayer? For Example: Solid Infill speed is 80%, Outline Perimeter Speed is 80% which results in a Toplayerspeed of 64%.

Badly Missing Features:

1. Variable Layer height: i had so much hope for this feature to come as it is the only reason why i need to switch to Slic3r, again Multiple Processes are not the Solution for this.

2. Place Infill like Supports: That would save me a MASSIVE amount of time and Filament, again Slic3r has this feature for ages.

3. Cubic Infill: Would be absolutely Great to have for rigid and lightweight Parts

I really hope we will see the next Update Soon and don´t need to wait until next year. It would also be OK for me to pay a Update fee for some major features!

Besides that I want to say a big thanks to the developer for Support Base Layers, different Materials for dense Support and of course the Small Perimeter behavour! Keep up the good work!