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Variable Settings Wizard usage

Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:31 pm

I was happy to see the Variable Setting enhancement with the last update, but seems a bit cumbersome to use (when printing multiple models instead of a single object), and when you don't split model printing layer heights too often. Though, better than having to add and manually adjust Processes for Start/End and such, to some degree.

Single printed model, much easier to just do, and not go through more steps.

If I have multiple items in a print, I need to remember and manually add more Processes to those separately, if I only want to split printing resolution layers on one or more other items. So, still a bit of manual work to add additional processes (if you have more than a single model on the bed) and select the appropriate models for each process. Would be nice, when splitting the process from the Wizard, that you could see which portions of the model for that Process and not highlight the whole model.

And appears if you adjust the Advanced layer height afterwards of a split Process, you need to manually adjust the split Process which was next to it. Didn't appear to auto correct that. And didn't see that one could go back to the Wizard to adjust the split height, besides adding more splits within that region. But, at least does keep the height order in displayed succession when re-splitting more.

[Wishful Thinking] Was hoping to have my generic default process for the bed printing, and then could Right click on the model(s) I wanted to split up the layers and the software would handle adding new Processes for the affected model and easier to define the desired layer thickness at the same time in a pop-up window, or such.

It is nice to not have to go back to the split up layer Processes and adjust the bottom or top layers to not have extra solid layers between layer height transitions, like one had to do previously when you had to do more manual work to break up the printing layers of a model.

Was hoping the Variable Layer feature was going to be a bit simpler with multiple objects on the bed. Just takes a bit of manual work if printing multiple objects to add more Processes and selecting models. And not accidentally having a split Process become the process for all models on the bed.

A good direction step, hope it can be made easier and quicker with future updates. And typing this out, helped me see what I need remember to do and watch out for, when utilizing

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Re: Variable Settings Wizard usage

Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:32 am

Great observations/feedback! I'll throw my 2 cents in here too.

The Variable Settings Wizard has helped speed up my workflow immensely. I'm loving that the solid layers are smartly being omitted now, which is super nice. I tend to print batches of the same part, so I can get by with a single process split across all of the models, but I can see where that would be more difficult to setup if printing multiple different parts on a single build plate. A step further, I think sequential printing setups could benefit from more of it's own tools for quickly assigning copies of a process or profile to models.

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