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MultiProcess multiple printers.

Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:07 am

I have 9 printers and that re all rather different including an ultimaker that uses 3mm where a the others are 1.75mm

In short when switching between printers there are some settings pertaining to the the model not the printer that id like to retain.

When printing large models with multiple processes to reduce eg infill I can spend anywhere upto 45 minutes adjusting the processes to get them how I want.
Ill print it and may then choose to print that on another printer.

when switching from my 300x300 machine to my 200x200 ill simply move the model to the area and slice it with the other printers settings usually clode enough or ill make small changes that I wont save.

However id like to print the model on the ultimaker but the basic machine will need to be sliced fro completely differently. Now when I change the printer to the UM from my other one it looses some settings id expect to be overwritten like the filament size acceleration etc. but is there a way to keep the process layer heights and infill settings.

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