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Ultimaker 3 print core compatibility?

Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:48 am

Hello Simplify3D community!

I bought S3D for my first printer, then upgraded my printer, and that whole time S3D has been nothing but Amazing. I am thinking of upgrading my printer yet another time, but from all reports (that are admittedly a year old) S3D doesn't work very well with the Ultimaker 3. Heating/Cooling/Management of the print cores are the problems that I see most often discussed. Cura is apparently the only slicer that manages the print cores correctly (when using dual extrusion), and I really don't look forward to using Cura.

Is this still the case with S3D? If so, is there an ETA on when this might not be the case?

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Re: Ultimaker 3 print core compatibility?

Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:19 am

I have an UM3 that I use with S3D. I haven't had any issues with dual extrusion, in fact, S3D already does a pretty good job in that respect with the dual extrusion wizard and their ooze control options.

It heats the print cores as you would expect and there's an option in the profile to automatically cool down the unused extruder if you want. S3D also already gives you the ability to set the exact temperature at specific layers, so you can customize it even further if needed. I always found myself more frustrated with cura's constant print core cycling since it never matched what I wanted. In S3D there's more control so you can tell it exactly what you want.

So I'm not sure what else you would need, but it's been working fine for me! :D

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