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Simplify3D with LulBot Mini and OctoPrint

Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:52 pm

I'm wondering what my workflow should be to use Simplify3D with OctoPrint and my LulzBot Mini. The Mini has a special set of startup and shutdown gcode. I know that OctoPrint has a settings section for GCODE Scripts where I can paste the Mini startup and shutdown sequences, but doing so will cause the sequence to run twice if I use the LulzBot edition of Cura, since it auto-injects the startup and shutdown sequences into the gcode.

Where should I put these things so that everything places nice and I can use these tools interchangeably?

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Re: Simplify3D with LulBot Mini and OctoPrint

Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:33 pm

The start/end Gcode from your Simplify3D profile (FFF Settings, Scripts, Starting Script + Ending Script) will be included as part of the sliced file you send from Simplify3D to Octoprint. That file (including that start/end Gcode) will then be sent to the printer by Octoprint.

You don't want to add anything to the Gcode script sections in Octoprint. Everything needed will be part of the sliced file output by Simplify3D. (Same for Cura, by the way -- when it saves the sliced file, it will include the start/end gcode as part of the file.)

After previewing the slice, use the "Save Toolpaths to Disk" button to save the Gcode file. Then you can drag-n-drop that file into an Octoprint browser window. (There are also some other ways to get the file to Octoprint... For example, you can setup Samba on the Rpi, "share" the Octoprint uploads folder, then create a virtual drive connection on your PC -- and save directly to that shared folder when using the "Save Toolpaths to Disk" button in S3D).

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