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New to printing, Test prints not working

Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:17 pm

Good afternoon,

I recently purchased an Ender 3 v2 to cut my 3d printing teeth. I have, up to this point, been able to troubleshoot the 200 issues that have arisen; I am however not sure where to go from here. The object is a simple 3d holo pyramid. I turned down the initial layer and increased the printing temp from the default 200 to 210. The base of the Pyramid prints "okay" however still some gaps. The issue I want to tackle right now is the whispy non-sense going on after the initial layer. I thought the whispy print might have been the fill, but its not. I ran a second test print, changing the fill from Cubic to Line, the object turned out the same. I did notice (before leaving for work today) that the box of PLA filament I am using (inland brand) recommends a higher temperature than 210, so I am wondering if that is the issue. I have dug through many an hour of printing issues and fixes and can't seem to find this particular issue. Any suggestions are welcome!

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