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Coooling settings for multiple processes not stored in factory file

Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:19 pm

When I use the variable settings wizard to split a process into multiple, I usually want the object cooling fan to turn on during the first process (layer 2, for the most part), and for the next processes I really don't want anything to happen with the fan. Problem is that since the new processes are derived from the first one, typically these processes also has fan settings, saying to keep fan off for layer 1, and then on for layer 2. This causes the fan to turn off for one layer for each of the processes.

Forgetting to remove the fan settings for these processes is of course a user error (although a warning could have been issued, since you normally don't want the fan to turn off mid-print), but today I discovered a bug related to this. I had a process that was split into three, and I then went into the two uppermost processes and deleted the two setpoints for the cooling fan so that these processes would not touch the fan. This works as expected, and I then saved a factory file for this.

However, when reopening the factory file, these settings are back in the two uppermost processes, which is clearly a bug. I attached this factory file here, so you can try the following:

Open the factory file and observe that all three processes have these settings:
Then edit Process1-2 and Process 1-3 and remove the two fan setpoints , like so:
Now save the factory file, and then reopen it. The fan setpoints are now back again, despite being removed before saving the factory file.

To work around this, one can of course just edit the two uppermost processes to have one setpoint for layer 1 that sets the fan to 100%, but that's besides the point here. The factory file should save all the settings. This is with v4.0.1, haven't tried it with any other.
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Re: Coooling settings for multiple processes not stored in factory file

Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:14 pm

This issue is still there in the the new 4.1 version, but the behaviour is now improved, so that even if process 2 contains a setting of 0 for the fan for the first layer, this is not inserted in the g-code (which is good news!).

So in essence it appears this is no longer a real issue, even if the factory file upon reopening will bring back previously removed cooling setpoints.

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