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Load Factory file then Prep to Print Still has old Job

Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:36 pm

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Where have I gone wrong?

1.When I load a factory file the correct items show up.
2.I then check for non manifold edges all ok.
3.Then select Prepare to Print and a old job shows up.
4.So maybe it just an old screen cache not clear for the screen.
5.So I save the GCODE as simplify3d does not support the baud rate of my printers in mac environment, it saves the GCODE ok.
6.So now I load Repetier-Host and the load the saved GCODE and get the old job.

I know I am missing something (I have tried the same with my win xp and get the same problem).
Is this some sort of corrupted factory file or is this my stupidity.

Thanks you in advance

Andrew Wheeler
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