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Poor Slice of 3d Knot?

Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:47 pm

Hey all, I've been priting for a while now with ReplicatorG and Makerware on a Replicator1 clone. Purchased S3D a couple months ago and didn't have much luck with it, so picked it back up recently to try and get it tuned. I hear it's pretty good once everything's tweaked.

This is the issue i'm having, I basically tried to print the "3D Knot" that comes with ReplicatorG in the example folder. The issue i'm getting is that the printer doesn't print the rear link from the base up to about 70% of it's height, and then it starts but with nothing below it, the other two "links" in the front print perfectly. It's not like the rear link printed and the filament was just not grabbing, it just didn't print it at all until much later. The preview mode showed it correctly, just wondering if there's some tweaking that is done somewhere on how it's sliced.

Has anyone else printed the 3dknot successfully on S3d?

Front of knot

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