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Dual extruder printing

Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:59 am

Hey all, i'm trying to troubleshoot an issue when i use both extruders during print.

I print fine if i'm on the right extruder, print fine if i'm on the left extruder. The issue is when i try to print the outline with the right, and the infill with the left. It prints the base layer, and as soon as it's time to use the other head, it goes all the way to the right (X=0) does some air printing with no extrusion and then goes all the way to the left and slams into the Xmax (belt grinding and all that nonsense). Which is about when i shut her down.

Any suggestions on what i should try to troubleshoot?

CTC replicator 1 clone, completely rebuilt with Mbot Mightyboard RevE (2560) running sailfish 7.6 and MF1 dual extruders.

Thanks in advance!

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