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S3D very crashy suddenly lately

Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:28 pm

I think I may have a corrupt install or something. S3D is crashing CONSTANTLY (same computer no recent changes to machine at all)

its random it will just crash.

bigger problem. its corrupting my profiles. I will work a profile it will crash and when I reload my profile is gone. well the name is still their but the settings in the profile have no relationship at all to what it was before it crashed. I am assuming the settings I am seeing are "some other profiles" settings that got screwed up.

solution? anyway to save my profiles? going to try a reinstall but want to preserve my profiles first if possible. the ones that have "not changed" on me I have exported. I am assuming the goofed up ones are gone and I have to just rebuild them?

also I can NOT create a second dual extrusion profile. it simply will not permit me too.

I have a profile for my CRX and it works fine. I tried to make a new one for my A20M and while the profile seems fine when I try to execute the dual extrusion wizard 50% of the time it crashes and the other half it loads but will ONLY permit me to select "CRX" no other printer is show in the drop down.


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Re: S3D very crashy suddenly lately

Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:38 pm

Dear Nerys,

I have an CR-x but i haven't been able to find it on the configuration assitance on my simplify3d even though i have installed the latest versión (4.1.0). Could you please post the scripts you have configurated? i haven't been able to define the script on extruder change correctly.

thanks a lot for your help,

Juan Mora

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Re: S3D very crashy suddenly lately

Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:13 am

Hi Nerys.

Due to the way S3D saves the profiles, you can get a corruption that spreads across all profiles that are opened after the crash.

The best you can do is export each profile in turn (you can only export one at a time!) to a folder on your computer.
If the resulting file is zero length, or is wildly different than any other similar profile, then it may be suspect.

To do this -
Start S3D and immediately - before you do anything else - start exporting one by one.
As you export each file, delete it from S3D.
If S3D crashes during the export, restart and delete that file before moving on - it is corrupted.

Repeat until you have completely cleared out your profile list.

Reset S3D back to default.
You should only have to restart S3D to begin afresh, but I'd restart the PC just in case - the profiles are stored in the registry, so...

As I said, go to your stored profile directory and look at the files - bin any zero-length or any that look "suspect" to you.

Be brutal if you can. A corrupt file will start this all over again, as I know to my cost - many times! :(

Hope this helps.

Susi. x

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Re: S3D very crashy suddenly lately

Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:06 am

the only way I managed to solve this was to dump the profiles to PAPER
restart the s3d from scratch
create manually all profiles from my notes

every time I tried dumping and importing profiles back I would start to get crashes :(

the original corruption was caused by bad nvidia driver that was crashing s3d and that was then corrupting profiles ..
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