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4.1 Multimaterial help

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:47 pm
by Aha
Got excited from the post for the new upgrade so I rushed to try prints I've been doing on my Taz 6. But my results aren't what the s3d posts show! (First of all, I'm doing a new dual extrusion wizard each set of new prints since I found not doing that could cause air printing for ooze/prime pillars)

So I brought in a 2 color octopus and set it up. When I use ooze shield with 1 perimeter, now I get two perimeters, one of each color where previously I'd had alternating layers. When I do prime tower, I get 2 separate squares of whatever size next to each other vs the stacked prime tower from before!

That's clearly not what's showing up in the post, so what's going on? How can I take advantage of these cool new features? Some description of how to use it would be great! I'm not seeing how to enable ANY of the new features!